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Restraint Free World is an organization dedicated to the elimination of restraint and seclusion within the mental health community.

By working with a variety of mental health resources, we provide assistance, education and support to members of our community and the mental health community nationwide.

Restraint Free World gives members access to useful information about the issues that affect them and strategies for improving our lives while working toward ending the stigma and bias associated with mental illness.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, or if you are simply seeking more information about the use of restraint and seclusion, we're here to help.

For more information, or to join a national listserve on ending restraint and seclusion, email Director Howard Trachtman at hdt@mit.edu.

For educational resources on restraint and seclusion, please visit Education.

Personal stories, family commentary and first-hand experiences of mental health treatment using restraint and seclusion can be found in our Stories section.

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